About us

Smooth You Beauty Centres: Where beauty meets
state of the art luxury

You choose from hundreds of lipstick colors to suit your skin tone, so why would you settle for a one size fits all cosmetic treatment? At Smooth You, we know that every skin type is nearly as unique as a fingerprint and we’re committed to giving you the customized facial beauty treatments that your skin needs to look its absolute best.

At our Beauty Centre, you’ll find all that is needed to maintain and improve your skin’s health, elasticity and youthful appearance. Everything we do is centered around helping our clients increase confidence and well-being through natural our one of a kind treatments and products.


Our Process

Our process begins with a digital analysis of your skin to identify problem areas, missing nutrients and other factors that will help us create a bespoke beauty treatment for you. We then pair this personalized assessment with our all natural, anti-aging skincare formulas and expert application. Each ingredient we use has been tested and shown to improve skin texture, reduce signs of aging and be overall beneficial for your skin’s health.



Our Centre

Based all over London, our luxurious Beauty Centres offers an unmatched, state of the art experience.  Grand beauty centres providing luxurious ambiance, magnificent decor and exceptional hospitality in one of the prime locales in London, Will exceed all your expectations.

In each treatment room you’ll find a full range of award-winning and innovative devices along with our signature skincare brand by Salvador Dali. Each treatment you receive will be expertly administered by our trained therapists to ensure you get optimal results.


To learn more about any of our treatments or products, call us at 0-207-388-8887 to book an appointment at one of our three convenient locations.

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