Body VIP Treatments


Stomach Treatment

45 Minutes

Experience celebritiesʼ favourite treatment with the perfect combination of Multi Polar Radio Frequency and pulsed electromagnetic field. This non-invasive and non-painful stomach treatment is aimed at those who want to define their stomach muscles. It will enhance and strengthen the muscles, tighten the skin and provide massive fat reduction. It is recommended in conjunction with diet and exercise.


Legs and Buttocks

45 Minutes

This body treatment will firm and tone the buttocks and thighs. It will also sculpt and contour the buttocks.


Ultimate Hand Treatment

45 Minutes

The hand treatment will give you radiant, fi rmer more youthful looking hands. This treatment incorporates crystal free microdermabrasion and LED light therapy to increase collagen, minimise age spots, whilst intensively moisturising, leaving your hands hydrated and supple.



Lipolaser – latest technology for fat reduction and body shaping

45 Minutes

This non-invasive technology penetrates deep into fat cells and destroy fat cells cause signifi cant weight loss, body lifting and contouring. Results: Cellulite reduction, Weight loss, Body Contouring, Promote metabolism and lymphatic drainage, Deep fat blasting.


Lipo-Cavitation combined with Radio Frequency Vacuum Suction

45 Minutes

Lipo-Cavitation, FDA approved, is non-invasive technology based on ultrasonic waves and proven to destroy fat cells permanently. A combination of fat reduction with vacuum suction multi-polar RF provides skin contouring, tightening and lifting. In clinical studies, patients report an average reduction of 1-3 centimetres for 1 treatment. Results: Cellulite reduction, Weight loss, Body Contouring, Promote metabolism and lymphatic drainage, Deep fat blasting, collagen stimulation and generation.


Cool-Sculpting / Cool-Shaping

45 – 120 Minutes (depends on assessment)

FDA approved, a non-invasive Fat Reduction of waist, abdomen and buttocks. Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) technology is an alternative to liposuction and extremely eff ective, producing consistent results for local areas. According to clinical researches, cryolipolysis can reduce the thickness of fat layer by 25% just within 2-4 months. Damaged fat cells slowly digested over several months are removed through the liver by our bodies. Results: Fat reduction, Weight loss, Body Contouring.


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