Hair Extensions London

Hair Extensions London

If you are looking for hair extensions London, stop, you’ve found just the place!

Our team of experts have been trained to the highest standards, our hair is hair is of the highest quality and our salon, Ridley’s, located in Smooth You town spa, is quite something. Come see it for yourself! Get booked in for a no obligation, free hair extensions london hair consultation now. Call +44 20 7014 7700 or book below.

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Hair Extensions Team

The team have been styling hair extensions in London for many years and we can help you get the natural looking hairstyle that you want thanks to the variety of techniques on offer:

Colour Match



We believe we have the best hair extensions London and our team of extensions experts can colour match any hair colour through blending or colouring to achieve the exact colour of hair extensions you are looking for.

Colour matching is one of the most vital factors when choosing the right hair extensions to suit you and we don’t like it lightly.

Get your dream hair. What are you waiting for?

Hair Extensions Techniques

All of our hair extensions methods of application are applied in the safest way by a trained and experienced extension specialist.


Not sure which hair extensions method is best for you? Feel free to book in for a complimentary consultation with our hair extensions London specialists.

Strand By Strand Hair Extensions London

Strand by strand extensions can also be referred as Brazilian knots. Originally from Brazil, this method of extensions contains no heat, no glue, no metal clamps, just an elastic thread tied around individual strands of hair to hold it in place. The strands can be made as thick or thin as the clients hair requires and has no damage to the client’s natural hair. Due to the safety and advanced method of application, strand by strand application is more than double in time any other method.

Keratin Hair Extensions London

Keratin, also known as protein bonds is by far our most popular method of hair extensions. Our pre-tipped strands of hair comes in a variety of different colours and lengths. Due to the protein/keratin on the tips, this method is quick to apply and fabulously comfortable to wear.

Micro-ring hair extensions London

Micro rings or Micro beads are applied to single strands of extensions by clamping a little beat at the top of the extension together with your own hair. We ensure we match the bead to the colour of your hair to help minimise any visibility of the extensions.

Wefts Hair Extensions London

Wefts and weaves are extremely popular for coarse, curly or thick hair and great for adding instant length or volume. This method starts by tightly braiding a row of hair before the weft is sewn into the client’s hair.

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We use only 100% Human hair extensions with intact cuticle alignment. No chemicals are used to treat the hair, they are kept in their original state. This helps the process of hair extension or replacement for a few reasons. The two main reasons are; firstly the attachment methods are not affected by the quality of the hair, especially after a short time, they will have a longer life span and consistency. Secondly, the outcome after styling will be the desired one, as the full potentials of styling and finishing products will be obtained. No excess product will have to be used, which helps in turn to maintain the perfect natural match. Best hair extensions London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are hair  extensions attached?

A: There are various methods of attaching hair extensions. The most common are keratin bonds and Brazilian knots

Q: How long will hair extensions last?

A: A full head of extensions will last from three to four months depending on how fast your hair grows and care given to the extension.

Q: Is your process of attaching hair extensions painful?

A: No, it is not painful or discomforting.

Q: Is the hair you use human hair?

A: Sure is, the hair we use is 100% human hair.

Q: Will the extensions do any damage my hair?

A: No not at all, the extensions will not damage your hair. If applied correctly, they will in fact protect your hair and help it grow. In some cases a few hairs are lost if an especially heavy extension is applied to very thin hair.

Q: Can I wash and comb my hair extensions?

A: Yes, you can handle your new extensions in the same way you would handle a head of your own natural long hair.


“Absolutely in love with my protein bond hair extensions! The colour match is perfect and the extension specialist did such an amazing job! Love them, thank you so much xx”

“From the moment you walk through the door you feel like part of one big happy family! The staff are absolutely amazing! So friendly, helpful and brilliantly professional. My hair extensions take a while but I always have so much fun the time fly’s! Not only are you made to feel very welcome, the quality of service is second to none! There is no one else I would trust with my hair, they get it spot on every single time and make me feel like a million dollars! Thank you so much smooth you, I looking forward to my next visit!!!”

“Had a hair consultation with Thomas who was very patient after me asking lots of questions. He made me feel that I’ll be in very safe hands! Looking forward to a new look!”

“Woohoooo my Wedding Extensions are in!! Love love love my hair and the colour match is perfect!! x”

“I was a little nervous at first as I always thought hair extensions were hard maintenance and was worried they would look fake, however after a thorough consultation the stylist made me feel at ease and I knew he was confident in what he was doing. My extensions look so natural, we used golf fever extensions and  I have them for thickness rather than length and I couldn’t be more happier! My only regret is not having them done sooner, would recommend Ridleys to a friend! Thanks so much! Will be back x”

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