Jet Spa Pro – The 5 in 1 wonder!

Jet Spa Pro is so much more than just a facial. It is an experience, a confidence booster and complete overhauler of the skin. Have you ever wanted a microdermabrasion, but also a hydrafacial, but also some radio frequency for lifting? All in one go.. well now you can! Jet Spa Pro, developed in the USA is a high tech genius system that has 5 different technologies in one machine!

The technologies are safe and effective for all skin types and Jet Spa Pro can be used as an alternative to invasive surgical treatments. Whilst there are 5 types of technology within the treatment, it is not a requirement to have all 5 steps, and you can focus more on one technology than the other for your desired result. The beauty of Jet Spa Pro is in it’s ability to be a completely different treatment for each person, and can be tailored entirely to your individual skin needs.

The technologies:


Also known as wet dermabrasion, is the process of exfoliation, similar to a microdermabrasion. However, using a wet tip with jet pressure rather than crystals hitting the skin with pressure (which can cause scarring and inflammation). The machine will also use serums, that are being pushed deeper into the skin during this step. During this aspect, you will both suction and exfoliation. The skin will feel more hydrated, with a positive effect on redness or irritations. During your consultation, explain your main concerns to your therapist and they can choose designated serums to effectively target that concern e.g. acne.


This strong air compressor accelerates the kinetic energy of the micro-sized droplets of air and water peels off the layer of dead skin. Pure oxygen is infused into the skin, facilitating the transdermal delivery of nutrients. Skin will feel fresher and rejuvenated. This step will speed up the production of collagen and cell renewal.


Fractional RF is working both on the skin’s surface and in the underlying tissue. The stimulation of the ions within the skin, make collagen tissue heat – encouraging renewal and regeneration, accelerate blood circulation and generally make the skin healthier and more flexible. Simultaneously, the epidermis tissue will be generating new skin cells, encouraging a whole face skin resurfacing. Amazingly, this aspect of the treatment is still painfree and yields great results.


Hot therapy is used to open pores, promote blood circulation, accelerate cell metabolism and eliminate toxins. The cold therapy works to seal the pores, improve tightness in the skin and relieve skin tension. The cold and hot effect will improve skin elasticity, firm the skin’s tissue and smooth wrinkles.


Ultrasound therapy is the use of soundwaves – out of human hearing range – to treat injuries in the muscles. The effect of ultrasounds include reduction of swelling and inflammation and can even be used to heal fractured bones. For anti ageing purposes, ultrasound stimulates facial muscles, improving their work rate, and has been recommended as an alternative to a face lift, providing similar results.


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