Venus Freeze – Hollywood’s favourite treatment!

Known as “the facial without the knife,” this non-surgical facelift has taken the US by storm and is a firm favourite with Cara Delevingne, Lisa Snowdon and Yasmin Le Bon.

Venus Freeze is a long standing favourite treatment for many, popular with celebrities, this treatment can be used on face or body for common issues such a cellulite and wrinkles, is there anything this treatment can’t do?


How does it work?

Venus Freeze’s revolutionary technology combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields to deliver safe anti-ageing skin treatments which require no downtime. The technology safely and effectively enhances collagen production and cellular regeneration, leaving skin stronger, tighter and firmer!

Magnetic pulses are tiny electrical signals that stimulate fibroblasts and cellular repair. Fibroblasts produce collagen and elastins. As we age this process slows down. By stimulating fibroblasts we speed up this skin rejuvenation activity.


Does it hurt?

Venus Freeze is not a painful treatment, in fact many clients find the treatment relaxing and soothing. The treatment uses thermal energy, so despite its name it is not a cold treatment at all!

After treatment your skin may feel slightly tingly and there could be some redness depending on your sensitivity.


How many treatments are needed?

It really depends on the level of concern and area in question. A recommended minimum is 4-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks to see noticeable results for the face. For the body it is recommended to opt for 8-10 treatments per area. Many Venus Freeze lovers opt to have maintenance or ‘top up’ treatments every 3-6 months to keep their skin youthful and radiant.


Who is suitable?

Venus Freeze is suitable for both men and women and recommended to those over the age of 28. It is safe for those with sensitive skin and should not cause any discomfort during treatment. There are some health restrictions, and treatment is not suitable for those who have type 1 diabetes amongst other concerns. Always ask your practitioner before agreeing to treatment to confirm you are eligible.


Is it the right treatment for you?

If your concerns include any of the following; dark circles, sagging skin, eye bags, looseness – Venus Freeze is ideal for your face treatments. If you are wanting to focus on your body, any cellulite, sagging or excess body skin can also be tightened and rejuvenated with Venus Freeze. Always arrange a consultation to ensure this is the right treatment for you and ask any questions before embarking on your journey.


If you would like to arrange a free consultation or have any further questions about the Venus Freeze treatment, please do get in touch!