What is Lipo Cavitation?


   For many of us, weight loss is a difficult journey. We try our best to stick to diets, but life gets in the way. After children the fat is more stubborn, the skin more loose and sometimes we can feel hopeless.


If you find the concept of surgery scary, you are not alone. Although thousands of people successfully remove fat with liposuction, there are many that find the potential side effects and horror stories too great of a risk to consider getting this procedure, from allergies to skin damage and even blocked arteries, surgery is not something to be taken lightly.


Doctors evaluated those risks and concerns and have since developed a less invasive and safer way to reduce and remove fat as an alternative to liposuction – Lipo Cavitation.



What is Lipo Cavitation?

Unlike liposuction, Lipo Cavitation is completely non-invasive, there will be no needles, poking or prodding under the skin and there is no need for anaesthesia.

Instead, a licensed practitioner will use an ultrasound device to break down the fat cells. When ultrasonic waves are directed at the fatty tissue you wish to reduce, the fat cell membranes will be damaged.

As the device only attacks fat, it poses minimal risk to the surrounding tissues and organs. During this process, triglycerides are released along with other components of fatty tissue and the area will begin to reduce.


The procedure is painless, and your practitioner will apply some cooling gel on the area before starting to work on it to avoid any heating of the skin.



What results can you expect?

With Lipo Cavitation many people see results immediately, on average you can lose 1-3 inches per area per session (if following a healthy diet and exercising regularly). However, it is advisable to have between 12-24 sessions in order to see long lasting and drastic results.

Lipo Cavitation can be used for various functions, including fat loss and cellulite reduction. It can be used on all of the typically wanted areas including stomach, legs bum, arms and back.

Before your first treatment you should always discuss with your practitioner what results you are hoping for, and work with them to create a realistic timeline for your goals.



How to prepare for Lipo Cavitation?

You should have a healthy diet and moderately active lifestyle, whilst this is not an absolute requirement, it will help to maximise results. In the days before having a treatment it is advisable to drink 2 litres of water per day and to avoid alcohol and UV exposure.


By drinking lots of fluids your body will find it easier to process the excess fat. Drinking alcohol will limit liver function – a big no-no as the liver helps to process waste. Over expose to UV may cause to the skin to become extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic waves, so tanning is best avoided.


After treatment it is advisable to continue to drink lots of water to help your body process the fat and triglycerides as they are released. Healthy eating will also encourage further weight loss, whilst the treats may be tempting, they can hinder your results and cause the need for more treatments.


What are the side effects?

The known side effects are minimal, especially when compared to surgical options. For the majority of people, treatments are painless with no down time. Some people may experience some skin sensitivity and mild bruising, though this will settle in time. The most noticeable side effect is the need to go to the bathroom more frequently as your body process the excess fats.

To summarise, Lipo Cavitation is not just a great alternative to surgery, it is a whole new option, allowing you to continue to exercise and live your life to the fullest without pain or downtime. If you are struggling to get the body you want, Lipo Cavitation is definitely an option to consider with proven results and great customer feedback.

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